Harmonic Alchemy Retreat

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

Nikola Tesla



“You know what music is?

“God’s little reminder that there’s something else besides us in this universe, a harmonic connection between all living beings, everywhere,                  even the stars”

– Robin Williams

It is time to rediscover our harmonic connection with all living beings and reintegrate with the natural world. We are harmonic beings living in a vibrational universe, where frequency is the key to the creative power of music.

As human beings we view the world through the lenses of our perceptions, which are individually constructed by our personal experiences and beliefs, though a process that some call Karma. These perceptions are vibrations that collectively create our individual expression in the world, which may be described as our ‘vibes’ and can be seen as our ‘energy’.


the vision

“We are slowed down sound and light waves,
a walking bundle of frequency tuned into the cosmos.
We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and
our bodies are the instruments through which
our souls play their music.”  
Albert Einstein

the vision

The Harmonic Alchemy Retreat (HAR) is a community-based project with a seasonal rhythmic combination of full time and part time (seasonal) residence and volunteers, offering services to retreat guests.  The HAR community is intended to be as self-sufficient as possible sharing skills and products from land management. Where needed outsourcing services, paid for from the sales of surpluses or via barter and exchange.

The HAR project is not just a cooperative community, because one of the primary functions of the project it to offer a variety of retreat services to guests. The community offers facilities to other organisations or individuals to run their own retreats, while also providing in-house workshops, classes, retreats and volunteer opportunities to both international and local Bulgarian guests.

“Music and Rhythm
find their way into the secret places of our soul”

Why is the Retreat Needed?

Sound is the energetic stimulant in the vibrational universe in which we all live.  It has phenomenal creative power and indescribable destructive force.  The powerful frequencies and vibrations of ‘modern’ living overwhelm our organic harmonies and rhythms, with everything from the increasing intensity of noise pollution to the imperceptible electro fog from the ever-present wifi, bluetooth and mobile signals.
The disharmonies and disease that result within us are a symptom of the disruption to our life force and flow as we become more and more disconnected from our natural harmonic environment.
“To live is to be musical,
starting with the blood dancing in your veins.
Everything living has a rhythm.    Do you feel your music?”
Michal Jackson

Why Bulgaria?

The country’s position geographically in the European continent has a significant influence on its weather. The summers are hot, with warm air flowing north from the Mediterranean and the winters are chilled by the cold air dropping down from Ukraine and Russia. Meanwhile, between the two extremes, spring and autumn are beautiful transitions providing four clearly defined seasons in the annual cycle. The foundational beat for the Rhythm of Life.

The continental weather patterns provide a certain predictability to the annual seasons flowing from one to the other in the year’s natural rhythm. However, Bulgaria’s location in southern Europe means the sun is hot all year round and winter days still feel warm even with snow on the ground. The high number of sunny days throughout the year, makes solar power more efficient and the growing season longer.

“Time is a social institution and not a physical reality.
There is no such thing as time in the natural world –
the world of stars and water, clouds, mountains and
living organisms. There is such a thing as rhythm –
rhythm of tides, rhythm of biological processes……
There is rhythm and there is motion.
Time is a way of measuring motion.”
Alan Watts

Why Leskovdol?

The valley of Leskovdol in which the village is located is a horse-shoe of mountains, with the houses spread around the hillsides. It is locally recognised as a beautiful place to visit and the road to the village leads nowhere else so it is not a route people travel on the way to somewhere different. There is existing interest in improving it as a tourist destination with plans to enhance an eco-trail, named after Bulgaria’s most famous poet, novelist and playwright, Ivan Vasov, who was inspired by walking through the mountainous landscape.
The mountain landscape has restricted farming activities to a small scale and the local grazing traditions mean that animals are fenced out rather than in, so the hay meadows, pastures and woodlands are unfenced. The hillsides have reforested as the farming community has declined and boundaries have become even further blurred and indistinct, returning to the natural wilderness.
“Look with your heart, the heart always knows.”
Things musicals taught me – Ivan Vasov


Who holds the vision?

There are a growing number of people involved in the development of this project, many of whom have worked in the health and wellbeing community for many years. The vision for the retreat community was first developed by Andrew Cowan, who has been living in Bulgaria since 2012, when he purchased a property in a small mountain village called Leskovdol.

Andrew’s inspiration and vision has fuelled the content of this website, which is driven by an inherent interest in sharing with others as a fundamental part of increasing unity in high frequency, spreading love and gratitude. Life in the picturesque mountains of Bulgaria has been an inspirational experience for him, allowing profound connection to the energetic frequencies of nature, which he now wants to share with others.  He has found some of his greatest rewards and satisfaction working with subtle body energies and therapeutic sound in harmonic frequencies, the spirit of which are embedded in the vision of the Harmonic Alchemy Retreat community.


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”
Nikola Tesla
The Vision


The Harmonic Alchemy Retreat (HAR) is a community-based project with a seasonal, rhythmical combination of full time and part time (seasonal) residence and volunteers, offering services to retreat guests. The HAR...



The HAR is a group of like-minded individuals and families working together, in a skill sharing self-sufficient cooperative. The community includes a small collective farm, growing fruit and vegetables...... 




Short retreats can offer a taste of harmonic connection and contribute towards significant shifts in physical, mental and spiritual blocks, but for lasting life-transforming work a longer period is often needed.




The HAR community is being established to offer a diversity of workshops, classes and treatments that can be packaged together to form part of organized retreats of one-two weeks in length.


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